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Derby Ghosts
Derby Ghosts
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Ghosts of the East Midlands box set

Ghosts of the East Midlands box set
Ghosts of the East Midlands box set. .

Discs include: Nottinghamshire Ghosts, Derbyshire ghosts Volume 1 & Volume 2, Derby Ghosts, Most Haunted places in Derby, Ghosts of Derby Gaol, Lincolnshire Ghosts, Annesley Hall ghosts, Northamptonshire Ghosts, Leicestershire ghosts.

Northamptonshire Ghosts The National Ghost tour by the country's leading ghost hunter, the renowned Richard Felix, tours Northamptonshire. In this video many people will be frighteningly surprised at the extent of the paranormal activity in this county. The most famous ghost to be frequently experienced is that of Mary Queen of Scotts. Strangely she is not seen at Fotheringhay Castle, which was the site of her execution but in an entirely different part of the county,-to find out where; and to discover the whereabouts of many other ghostly apparitions in Northamptonshire WATCH THIS VIDEO. (But preferably not alone!!).

Nottinghamshire Ghosts Local Historian and Ghost Hunter, Richard Felix takes in Nottinghamshire as another chapter in his world famous ghost tour of Great Britain. Stories of supernatural sightings and strange occurrences to chill the spine of Nottinghamshire people are told from venues in all parts of the county, from Newark to Newstead Abbey. The viewer will soon understand why Nottinghamshire is rated the spookiest county in England.

Derby Ghosts According to Richard Felix, (The founder and proprietor of Derby Heritage Centre), Derby is the most haunted city in Britain and possibly throughout the whole of Europe. This video will take the viewer on a tour of some of the most ghostly sites in the city. We interview people who have personal experience of supernatural happenings in their own day to day life; not in dungeons or graveyards, but in public places where anyone can frequent at any time and could possibly witness the same eerie occurrences. Richard will take you to many haunted buildings and tell you the macabre details of the spirits that are often reported to be still in occupation of the place which was the scene of some dark and dastardly happening hundreds of years ago. After watching this video even the most sceptical of viewer will never again feel totally at ease in some of the venues which have their own ghostly story revealed in this film..

Most Haunted Places in Derby With over 150 recorded sightings of ghosts, Derby is firmly established as the ghost capital of England. Derby had five goals and was the scene of the last hanging, drawing and quartering in provincial England. We had Derbyshire's only female martyr burnt at the stake and England's last pressing to death. Also a battle which took place in 917. There were witch trials executions murders and torture within the streets of this ancient city. With so much terror, torment, pain and death no wonder Derby is the Dead Centre of England..

Derbyshire Ghosts 1. For almost twenty years Richard Felix (The proprietor of Derby Heritage Centre.) has been hosting Ghost Walks around the City of Derby. Parts of some of these walks are included in the extremely successful video “Ghosts of Derby The Dead Centre of England” As a sequel to that video Richard again teams up with “Past in Pictures Videos” and tours the County of Derbyshire to recall some of the spookiest stories which are attributed to the locations filmed in this video. Haunted sites from Chesterfield down to Spondon are visited and on one occasion you will even see Richard Felix (The hardended Ghost Hunter of thousands of Ghost Walks) exit a haunted tunnel in sheer panic at what may have been there to greet him. We solemnly advise: WATCH THIS VIDEO WITH A FRIEND.

Derbyshire Ghosts volume 2 The National Ghost Tour of Great Britain by the 'Ghost Hunter General', Richard Felix, visits Derbyshire seeking out stories of paranormal activity, and supernatural sightings and occurrences. Derbyshire is one of the most haunted regions in Great Britain, so Richard has revisited the county to bring you Derbyshire Ghosts volume 2; an eerie sequel to the highly successful first volume. Ghostly stories include the haunted stately home of Tissington Hall where a young woman still haunts the bedroom where she died after being set on fire, to the story of a family having to vacate their own home due to an active poltergeist wreaking havoc. You will discover some very spooky places and never see Derbyshire in the same way again!.

Lincolnshire Ghosts Lincolnshire is the venue for this chapter of the Nationwide Ghost Tour of Great Britain, by the famous Ghost Hunter and Historian, Richard Felix. Stories which will raise the hairs on the neck of Lincolnshire people, include accounts of supernatural experiences and apparitions from most of the major towns of the county; including Lincoln, Boston, and Skegness. Lincolnshire’s notoriously flat countryside has made it a natural home for many airfields, and we also recount many stories associated with ghosts that still haunt the sites of previous disasters involving pilots and ground crew. After watching this film the viewer will understand why Lincolnshire has been dubbed the most frightening county in England.

Leicestershire Ghosts The County of Leicestershire, with its rich and colourful history, has always had its fair share of ghost stories but would never have come top of the list when it came to a nation-wide supernatural tour; But when two mysterious, luminous figures were caught on the security cameras at Belgrave Hall, Leicester became the ghost capital of the world. National and international media attention, from all four corners of the globe, focused on the Hall and the mysterious shapes which were filmed just before Christmas 1998. In this video Richard Felix (local historian and ghost hunter) visits haunted sites around the county, interviewing people who have seen ghosts and witnessed strange occurrences.

Derby Gaol was built in 1756 and is the second of three county gaols in Derby. Conditions within the gaol were appalling and all prisoners were contained together - male, female, young, old, tried, untried, sane and insane. All were incarcerated together and it was a daily occurence for crimes to be committed on unwitting new, or weak, inmates. Valuables were often stolen to pay the gaoler for alcohol, and prisoners were frequently murdered for the clothes on their backs. Add to this, the number of people executed, sometimes for very trivial crimes; convicted murderers sentenced to be publicly dissected or gibbeted, and you have all the ingredients for a very haunted place. Its gruesome past has resulted in Derby Gaol being featured twice on Most Haunted and is now hailed as one of the most haunted places in the country. Join Richard Felix as he takes you on a ghostly tour of the building and its history, and introduces you to some of the eyewitnesses and tormented souls that still haunt Derby Gaol today.

Annesley Hall is certainly now bleak and barren after the disasterous fire in 1997. but only thirty three years ago this once proud house echoed to the sounds of music and laughter This was once the home of Mary Chaworth who was the sweetheart and only true love of the poet Lord Byron. The hall dates back to medieval times and legend has it that it was once the home of Robin Hood. Annesley Hall eventually became the home of the Chaworth family and upon the disasterous marriage of Mary to Jack Musters of Colwick Hall, the family name became the Chaworth-Musters. Byron's love for Annesley and Mary must surely be the reason why their ghosts still haunt the ruins of this once great, imposing hall. Not only their ghosts, but the ghosts of many other families that have lived and died in this building haunt the rooms, corridors and out-buildings to this very day. Join Richard Felix as he explores the haunted history of this amazing building and the surrounding grounds.
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