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So you want to be a Ghost Hunter?

So you want to be a Ghost Hunter?
Twelve years ago Steve Parsons and Ann Winsper established Parascience to examine paranormal activity using proper scientific methods of study. Where most paranormal groups visit locations for 24 hours, Parascience have just completed 750 hours in one location (Cammell Lairds) and they still havenít finished. Membership is strictly by invitation only. I have recently joined their ranks as I believe Parascience to be the most credible paranormal investigation group in the U.K. For instance do you really know what an E.M.F. meter is? Do you know what an E.M.F. meter does? It is not a ghost meter.

So why not join me as I take a few lessons with them on how to be a ghosthunter.

Richard Felix, Derby Gaol, October 2006.

Special Features
This DVD also comes with the following special features:
  • Outtakes - approx 9 mins

only £ 9.99

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Technical Information
Region Encoding:Region 0  (Region Free - will play on all players)
Running Time:75 mins
Number of Discs:1
Release Date:13 October,2006
Video Format:Pal

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5 Star Rating The Ghost Hunter DVD is a fantastic introduction into being a Paranormal Investigator. Richard and the viewer get to see just how to use the equipment we see used in Vigils etc properly from an EMF... Read full review >>
  Reviewer benjones@merley.com

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