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Frequently Asked Questions
Are your titles available on VHS format?
No, all Felix Films titles are available on DVD format only.  This is to ensure the highest possible quality image at all times.
What is the difference between DVD-R and DVD Video?
DVD Video is the industry standard format used by DVD retail manufacturers throughout the world.  The manufacturing process includes the production of a glass master disc which is then used to press each individual DVD at high speed with no loss of data or quality.  DVD-R format is the standard for home-produced DVDs which involves burning each disc individually from a Mac or PC using a DVD writer.
Will your DVDs play on my machine?
All of our DVDs since "Ghosts of York" have been factory produced from glass masters, which means that they will play on ALL DVD players.  If your DVD player is from anywhere other than the UK or Europe, you may not be able to play PAL format as the standard format would be NTSC.  If you have any doubt whether your DVD player can play our older titles, please contact us before purchasing and let us know which DVD player you're using (including manufacturer and model number).  However, we have rarely ever had to replace any discs due to incompatibilities.
What do you mean by the discs being Region Free?
All DVDs are manufactured with a region code, which prevents you from watching DVDs from other countries in your machine.  All DVDs from Felix Films are guaranteed to be region FREE which means you can play them in your machine regardless of which country you live.  Please note, however, if your equipment can not play the PAL format, then your image will be distorted.  Region free simply means that your DVD player will not "spit out" the disc for being from the wrong country.
Are the DVDs and photos really signed by Richard Felix or are they fake?
They are 100% genuine, guaranteed.  Richard Felix does not sign any DVDs for any other manufacturer or distributor, so please remember this when you're wandering around eBay looking for a bargain!  We also sell on eBay under the seller name of "felixfilmsltd" and are the ONLY company who can provide a genuine signed DVD and photo from Richard Felix.  Felix Films is run by Richard Felix and his son Will Felix, which is why you are always guaranteed to receive the genuine article.

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