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The advantage of health food has improved my overall health

We can all enjoy the benefits of health foods somehow. I was always conscious of what I was eating but I am not always saying myself as a "healthy companion". If I go out to eat, I will order a salad and drink water. At home, I was trying to avoid fried foods all the time. I ate what I thought was healthy food. Anytime, you can find organic food with no fat, low fat, everywhere in the pantry and refrigerator.

I was eating good health food in my mind, so there was no problem. Unfortunately my body did a different story. Body always tells the truth. I was not as aggressive as I would or wanted to do. When it turned out my daily diet did not bring me the benefits of healthy food. I had weight gain and various diseases (pain and pain, cold and influenza). Of course, we will adopt a band-aid approach instead of solving the fundamental cause. If your weight goes up, increase exercise therapy and observe the caloric intake. When I caught a cold and a headache I decided to take appropriate measures to solve that specific problem. It has the possibility of medication or natural healing.

This pattern lasted for years. Then, the year of the winter holiday season is the place where there was a change in my thought process. I was reading a magazine with various articles to make a good food choice. My winter holiday season is my favorite time to cook and eat the most, so my timing may not be the best. At that point, when the New Year was kicked, I decided that I plan to carry out a healthier diet plan.

During the first week of that New Year, I followed the diet plan I found from a magazine. This plan included eating six times a day and eating healthy food. At first sight, I thought that I could not eat that amount of food one day. It was initially very intimidating. It does not hold me down, I felt a clear difference by the end of the first week. This encouraged me to follow the second week of the plan. At this point, I was absorbed in this new healthy diet. I learned that it is not all of fat free, low fat, organic products, calorie counts.

From that point on, I had a huge appetite. The appetite was appetite learning not only food but also healthy food and nutrition. I was inspired by the TV advertisement of the weight loss program. Behind it seemed to be some nutritional and scientific principles, but this encouraged me to purchase books to learn more. This time, I was not only reading about the benefits of healthy food. I was actually introducing them to a new healthy diet.

The advantage of eating healthy food quickly became very obvious. First of all, I became more energetic and less sick. Reduced pain and pain, I was able to avoid severe symptoms during the cold and influenza key period. In addition, after several months of maintaining the plan, I was losing weight. I have not even tried to do it consciously, but people who knew me for years had always asked the same question. "Are you losing weight?" My reaction was always "I think so". I never did my weight in the process. I knew how heavy I was before starting this whole process. When asked what I was doing to lose weight, I said that I was eating a lot of food everyday. Of course nobody believes me. Indeed, I have eaten more than I have ever had in my life. Soon my clothes began to feel loose to me. It urged a shopping trip to find better fitting clothes. I am always willing to make a trip. Certainly I am not alone with that feeling. This is another example of the benefits of health foods that affect my life.

I will not do anything special to change your diet. I am not a dietician and I am not a classically trained chef. I am an ordinary person who loves cooking and I love learning as much about the benefits of health foods as possible. There is no need to compromise between the two. Among the excellent cuisine I have made over the past few years, health consciousness is very high, some are acclaimed by others. One thing I learned was that I did not have to give up everything I wanted to eat. To be honest, we all have the feelings I have to have (ice cream, cakes, cookies etc). If I give up something, it seems to be a healthier yet more accomplished option than usual. Healthy food does not necessarily mean compromise of taste and breed. It is only looking at some knowledge and some ingredients. When you go out and eat, the same knowledge is combined with the recognition of the menu to get the same result. Are you ready to experience the benefits of healthy food?
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