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Is It Possible to Find Healthy Fast Foods

What will across your mind if you heard the words "Fast Food"? I bet you will think of McDonald, KFC, Doner Kebab, delicious and fatty food, heart disease, Cholesterol, etc. Despite the bad image of fast food restaurant, it seems that there are also fast food restaurants that provide us with a healthy fast food option. We will discuss some of them in this article.

1. Panera Bread
Panera Bread is a bakery cafe. They serve squeezable organic yoghurt, grilled organic cheese on whole grain bread etc. You can try this restaurants with your kids I'm sure they will enjoy it

2. McDonald’s
Besides being famous for its BigMac, now McDonalds also serves a healthy food such as fries which are made with healthy oil and happy meal choice of drink such as low fat milk instead of soda. Try to order some of it when you go to McDonalds.

3. Au Bon Pain
As a pioneer in healthy fast food, Au Bon Pain serves up sandwiches, soups, salads etc. You can also know the calories, fat and sodium amount from the food you order via computer they provide in the restaurant. Well how cool is that huh?

4. Noodles and Company
Well it maybe not one of your favorite but they serve food with an antibiotic free chicken or beef and you can add an organic tofu too.

5. Corner Bakery Cafe
What makes this cafe different? Well the answer maybe because they serve a fantastic breakfast menu with a low calories. They also serve Swiss oatmeal, low fat yoghurt and other healthy foods.

6. Jason’s Deli
Jason Deli didn't serve just food but they devoted to organic food. They make you eat salad as if the taste is just delicious like burgers.

7. Chipotle
Chipotle serve menu such as burrito, taco or salad with some fresh local ingredients and its all organic guys. You got to love this restaurant.

8. Atlanta Bread
Atlanta Bread also offers a breakfast menu with a low fat muffin and fresh bread sandwiches not to mention the side dish. They will make your stomach full and healthy too.

Beside the restaurants above there are others that serve healthy fast food option but those restaurants should be more than enough. I hope after reading to this article you probably would feel relieved when you go to one of the restaurants above and knowing that they have a healthy fast food option for you. So "Bon Apetit" guys.
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