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The Poison Ivy Treatment for the Rash

You must have heard a poison ivy before. It is true that this name also the name for a bad villain in Batman movies or cartoon. But actually, the poison ivy is a plant that looks beautiful but if you have a contact with it you’ll get a rash. So you better read this article to know what a poison ivy is, what caused it and what the poison ivy rash treatments are.

Just for your information that a poison ivy rash caused by urushiol that can be found in the poison ivy plant, the poison oak as well in the poison sumac.

What is a poison ivy?
Poison ivy is a plant that can caused rash just from the contact of the plants which contain oily resin. Poison ivy or in the Latin name known as Toxicodendron radicans and Toxicodendron rydbergii usually grows as a vine and grow in an open field, wood area, in the riverbank or you could say almost everywhere in the wild. The plant could have yellow or green flowers and have berries too.

What Causes a Poison Ivy Rash?
The exposure to the urushiol in these plants can produce a rash. So just simply by touching the plant or if the substance has contaminated your pet fur or your clothes or other surface and you touch that surface, you’ll get the rash too. But not only the touching, the urushiol can cause rash by airborne too. But it is a small possibility.

What are symptoms and signs of a poison ivy rash?
The sign and symptoms of this poison ivy rash are the redness in your skin, the skin will swell, you’ll feel itch in your skin and the last is an outbreak of small or large blisters. This sign will be developed within 12-72 hours after you touch the poison ivy. The rash itself could look bumpy, streaky, linear or even patchy.

What is the treatment for a poison ivy?
If you are looking for a poison ivy rash treatment, I may be able to help you a little in this article. When you got a poison ivy rash, first you have to wash your hand or other body part to remove the oily plant resin from your body so it won’t spread wider. Apply cool compress to the skin and use a topical treatment just to reduce the itch. If the rash become infected you could go to the doctor and ask for an antibiotic.

So that’s a brief or short explanation about poison ivy rash and poison ivy rash treatment. And I hope you find this article helpful for you.

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