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The Overview and the Bite Treatments

The Overview and the Bite Treatments
You might familiar with this insect. Yes you hate them but you probably sleep or sit with them. This small, blood sucking parasite that lived from drinking our blood or the animals such as mammals and birds belong to the insect family Cimidae. They are attracted to warmth and night is their favorite time to eat. The bed bug bites pierce to your skin and inject anesthetics and anticoagulants contained in its saliva. Now if you got a bed bug bite, what would be the treatment? Well in this article I will not only write the bed bug bite treatment but also other related topics about bed bug.

Causes of Bedbug Infestations
Because bed bag attracted by warmth, they’re most likely can be found in temperate and tropical climate all over the world. They usually live inside the mattresses, bed frames, sofa, wallpapers and etc. They might be transported from one location to another via clothing or luggage etc and that what makes the bed bug infestation increasing in hotels, homes, apartment, dormitory, jails, hospitals and nursing homes. These bed bug infestations become common since the World War II.

Symptoms and Signs of Bedbug Bites
After the bed bug bites a person, the individual often not experience any symptoms. After a few minutes, the individual will feel the itches and spot a flat welt or raised bump lesions. Usually these skin lesions will heal by itself after one or two weeks. If the bed bugs bite occurs repeatedly, there will be more pronounced symptoms such as skin infection, allergic reaction, insomnia and anxiety.

If you feel shortness of breath, wheezing, cheat pain, swelling in your tongue and lip, dizziness even fainting and fever because of this bed bug bite you need to seek medical care as soon as possible.

The Bed Bug Bite Treatment
What are the bed bug bite treatments? Well you probably asking that when you found this article. Usually bed bug bites don’t need any treatment. You could use antihistamine pill or cream like diphenhydramine to reduce the itch on your skin where the bed bug bites. Some people use a hot washcloth and applying it to the affected area. DON’T!!! And I repeat don’t scratch your skin because it will only give you a secondary infection to your skin. Another bed bug bite treatment is the medical treatment. If it required, then it only required to relieving the symptoms caused by the bed bug bites. If you’re having an allergic reaction or secondary skin infection than you’ll need to seek medical care to find out what causing it. So I hope you find this article is useful since bed bug lives almost everywhere now seek for the prevention another than the treatments to avoid you and your family from this little insect.

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