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The New York State Health Insurance

Are you live in New York State and one of the New York citizens? Are you looking for a health insurance? Well you might interest in this article about the New York State Health insurance. The New York state health insurance is an affordable insurance company to give insurance to the entire New York citizen. So in this article I would like to discuss about the ObamaCare and the relation with the New York Health Insurance.

You might have heard about ObamaCare. The name is taken from the name of the present US president, Barrack Obama. ObamaCare or also known as the affordable care act is law that aimed to reform the American health system with its main focus is to provide the American citizens with the health insurance that they can afford so that the quality of their health is improving. The law also aimed to regulating the health insurance industry and reduces the spending of health care in the US. This law was sign by President Barrack Obama on March 23.

New York State Health Insurance Exchange
The New York State Health Insurance Exchange is the official insurance company for the New York citizens only. What can you use with this insurance? Well you can use it to compare price plans and change plans. You can also enroll in a plan that you think is the best for you. You could also ask for cost assistance from New York State of Health.

The New York State Health Insurance Exchange works will coverage purchase before the 15th starts on the first month following the next month. And like I said above you can obtain coverage, ask for a cost assistance or switch you plant anytime you want as long as it in the open enrollment. By the way, not everyone who doesn’t have any insurance at all will be charged a fee because it depends on what you make.

Beside the New York State of Health Insurance, there are another of health insurance companies in New York that offer insurance for the New York citizens such as Empire and Oscar. So you could check each of them include the New York State of Health Insurance on their official website and learn carefully for the insurance plan that they offer to you and choose the best plan that you think suit you the best. Regardless of all that you must take care of your health by living a healthy way of live. See you in next article.

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