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Immediate Treatment for Poison Ivy Recommended by Dermatologists

Ivy is a plant that often cause itchy and rash. People may be very disturbed by such pain and itchy. Thus, people have to be very smart in treating the poison of the plants. The poison is found in the oil which is called as urushiol. Once the oil touches your skin, it will be very itchy and rash. If you let the poison spread to your skin, there will be no good. If you get the poison, some immediate home remedies have to be done carefully. You have to do the right treatment for poison ivy recommended by dermatologists, so that you do not face any infection.

Immediate Remedies Recommended by Dermatologists
If you find some signs of poison itchy, you have to do direct treatment for poison ivy. First, you have to immediately rinse your skin that is poisoned by ivy. It will be better if you use warm, soapy water. You have to make sure that the oil is removed clearly from your skin. Not only has the skin that you have to wash you also needed to wash the clothes you wear too. The clothes possibly bring the poisoned oil of the ivy. To forbid infection, you have to be aware of not doing any scratching. If you find blisters on your skin, just let it alone. It is better for you to never remove the overlying skin. Since, the skin will protect you from infection. After you feel better with such simple remedies, you may take a very interesting lukewarm baths. After bathing, you may get calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream. This kind of lotion or cream will maximize your remedies. Cool compresses may also work.

When to Go to the Emergency Room
Although you have done some simple home remedies, you have to care of your poisoned skin. Since, if you face some conditions, you have to come to doctor or emergency. For example, if you find difficulties in breathing, you have to go immediately to the doctor. The same action have to be token also if the rash spreads and covers the body. The condition will also be worse if you have experience of swelling. In conclusion, if you feel that skin is itchy and nothing seems to give effects, you may come directly to the doctor. The doctor will give you treatment for poison ivy that makes you better. The itchiness caused by ivy will automatically disturb your activities if you let it spreads.
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