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The Cancer Treatment Care of America and the Controversies

You might have heard this cancer center of America. Yes it is called Cancer Treatment Center of America or you could shorten it into CTCA. As a cancer treatment center, the CTCA has helped cancer people to get treatment for over than 27 years now. It is a private hospital for cancer patients that provide both alternatives and conventional medical treatment. Beside the medical treatment the CTCA also offers homeopathy and acupuncture treatment to their patients. The base of their treatment is a good eating habit. If you want to go to CTCA you could go to Schaumburg, Illinois but that is only the headquarter. Generally they have five hospitals. All of it are scattered in Zion, Illinois; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Goodyear, Arizona; and Newman, Georgia.

History of CTCA
You probably wonder who has found this cancer center of America. Well the answer for that is Richard J. Stephenson. He opened the first hospital because of his mother. His mother died because of the cancer and he blamed it for the treatment that according to him was unsatisfied. So in 1988 he opened the first CTCA hospital in Zion, Illinois.

The Controversy
Since it was founded on 1988, there have been a lot of controversies against CTCA. As a cancer center of America, CTCA should give their patient their best treatment according of their type of cancer. But there have been an accused that they gave their patient the treatment that is unnecessary. They said it is because the CTCA wants to gain a lot of profit from their patients. There was also a complaint from FTC or Federal Trade Commission in 1993 said that CTCA has made a false claim to the success rates of their cancer treatment. There are also experts that said that for the CTCA own favor they made a bias comparison between their patients and SEER's patients. There are a lot of controversies against CTCA but regardless all of it the CTCA still operated until now and will continue operating and give their best to treat the cancer patients.

Well that's all I can say about CTCA. And to remember that even it is a private hospitals it was built first with the intention to help people who got cancer to get the best treatment. So I hope this article will give you the information you needed. Wish you a good health.
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