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Pink Eye: The Caused and the Treatme

Pink eye or in medical term it is called conjunctivitis. Pink eye usually isn't serious and would heal even without any medical treatment for around 2-10 days. It is a very common disease though you wouldn't want to go to work with your eyes swollen and pink. I don't think so too. So in this article I really want to discuss about what caused pink eye and what are the treatments for pink eye. I'm sure if you're having a pink eye you'll be curious and read this article thoroughly

What Caused Pink Eye
Most of the cases of this disease are a viral infection. Conjunctivitis or pink eye if it gets worse then it will turn in to red eye. You usually need to consult with an eye specialist if this happens. The other causes for pink eyes are usually because of allergies, infection, dry eyes, chemical and smokes (Oh, I must be sure to avoid a smokers). Since it is often causes by viral infection, it is easily spreading and since it is a virus that caused it there are no treatments for that. All you can do now is to prevent it from spreading to you. So if you meet a person with a swelling eyelid, a lot of tearing and a swollen area in front of the ears are sure to avoid him/her.

The Treatment
If you still read this article it means that you are curious and interested or you are having a pink eye at this moment. Well I’m just guessing. Anyway, back to the topic. Ah yes, the treatment for pink eye. Well actually it is simple since it is most common causes are the adenovirus there is no treatment for that. Anyway it would heal by itself around 2-10 days if you are lucky but if not it could go for 3 weeks. Imagine a red eye for 3 weeks..... No I don't want to imagine it neither do you don't you? Well since I can't hear your answer just keep reading this article will you. Well there are a ways to treatment the pink eye it is called the home treatment. The home treatment for pink eye will help to reduce your pain. If you are wearing a contact lens just remove them and keep your eyes free of drainage so your pink eye won't get worse. You could compress your eyes using a cold or warm compress. And when you are cleaning your eyes wipe them from inside toward outside and wash your hands before cleaning them. That’s it I hope you’ll find it interesting or helps you to cure your pink eye. Well I hope you get well soon.
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