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No pain no gain, really

The society we live in today has always promote the pursuit of beauty, from full booty to sticky figures, thinspo to fitspo. When models like Kate Moss was at the peak of her popularity, girls were dying to be like her, starving themselves to the point ot anorexia and bullimia nervosa while they can never be thin enough. Now, a new trend is emerging : fitspo or short of fit inspiration or fitness inspiration. Their famous catchphrase is “Strong is the new skinny” and “Enjoy your pain, you earned it”. However, is fitspo really better than thinspo?


Many fitness coaches and nutritionists are promoting fitsporation, especially through social medias such as Instagram and Tumblr. The difference between the despised thinspo and the popular fitspo is how people act to achieve those body image that they want. Fitspo actually encourages a healthier approach to have that bikini body. It includes clean eating and exercising regularly. Fitspo also results to a lean body with muscle mass, improved overall health and reduces the risk of depression. Hence, these benefits are what attract billions of people to start a fitspo lifestyle.

Extreme fitspo

While the trend has shifted from extremely skinny body to the present six-pack and toned body, it is important to ask, “Is it actually better? Does it actually promote positive body image? Or is it just moving to another unhealthy trend?” Nothing brought out extremely will result in something positive. The same depression and disappointment can show up when they fail to reach their goal to look like their fitness idols. The same way girls can suffer from low level of confidence. The same unhealthy obsessions can occur if girls, who are more prone to body image, starts to consume unhealthy amounts of malnutrition and extreme hours of exercising. Hence, we should rethink about the spreading thinspo to fitspo mindset.

Aiming for a fitness goal in not necessarily dangerous.While it is impossible to remove the emphasis of physical attractiveness in this society, we should try to implement the importance of beautiful personalities such as kindess and creativity. As all of us do judge first impressions through outer appearance, we do need to take care of our body. Being obese also has its own bad sides such as prone to disease, the same as being overly conscious of your body. We should all remember to love our body wholeheartedly as it it the only place you get to live in.

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