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National Center of Health Statistics and What You Should Know about It

Have you ever heard it before about the National Center of Health Statistics? It is a statistics agency that provides statistical information to improve the health of American people. They collect your birth and death record, your medical records, and even your laboratory test results and physical exams. NCHS is also the key to American public health infrastructure since it provides information to identify critical health problems. The headquarters of NCHS is at University Town Center located in Hyattsville, Maryland. There are quick briefs about NCHS or National Center of Health Science and now I will continue this article and explain about the history and the data collection programs.

The History of NCHS
It was formed in 1960 through the merger between the National Office of Vital Statistics and the National Health Survey. It is one of among many principal statistical agencies in the federal government. Since 1987 NCHS has been the part of CDC until now.

The Data Collection Programs
Like what I had wrote above, NCHS collect your data such as birth and death records etc. Since they collect data from all American citizens they made a data collection programs to make it organize. The programs are national vital statistics system, national health interview survey, national health and nutrition examination survey and national health care surveys. Each of the programs has their own task to do.

National vital statistics system job is to collect your birth and death records for an official vital statistics. National health interview survey program's job is to provide information of American people height status which is done through interview by the Census Bureau Interviewers. The national health and nutrition examination survey's job is to survey the health and nutritional states of American people. The last programs is the national health care survey and the job of the program is to provide the information about the health care provider include their services and they patient they served.

Though those four data collection programs are the major data collection program, NCHS also add another data collection program. The addition programs are the national survey of family growth, national immunization survey and Questionnaire Design Research laboratory. Well that’s a brief explanation of National Center of Health Statistics. I hope you find an interesting info about it in this article and use it. Well enjoy the reading and see you in the next article.
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