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Lyme Disease The Caused and the Treatment

Have you ever heard about lyme disease? Well in case if you wonder about this disease, then I’ll try to give a short explanation about it. The lyme disease known as Lyme Borreliosis. It is an infectious disease caused by bacteria from the Borrelia type. Now we will see what caused it and what the treatments for lyme disease are.

The Cause of Lyme Disease
Like I have said in a brief explanation above, the lyme disease is caused by spirochetal bacteria which surrounded by peptidoglycan and flagella. The bacteria also has double membrane envelope that makes the bacteria often mistakenly described as the Gram negative bacteria. There are only three out of eight teen species from Borelia burgdorferi sensu lato that caused lyme disease. They are B. burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. afzelii, and B. garinii. B. burgdorferi sensu stricto can only be found in North America and sometimes in Europe. B. afzelii and B. garinii both can be found in Eurasia. The lyme disease exposure can be caused by the weather and climate effects.

Diagnosis of Lyme Disease
To diagnose the lyme disease you must see the symptoms, the history of possible exposure to the infected tick and the serological blood test. When a doctor sees a rash, bull eye or not, they must think about the possibilities of another disease beside the lyme disease because the rash can also be the characteristic of another disease too.

The lyme disease often misdiagnosed as another disease such as multiple, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, the Crohn's disease, HIV, sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. So it is important to read the symptoms carefully to decide whether it is a lyme disease or not. That’s the diagnosis now I’m moving to the next topic what are the treatments for lyme disease?

The Treatment of Lyme Disease
We have discuss the diagnose now the treatment for lyme disease. The primary treatment is usually using antibiotics. If the lyme disease is still in the early localized infection, it is suggested to the doxycycline oral which effective against not only for the Borrelia bacteria but also to other illness carried by the ticks. If you can’t find doxycycline then you can use amoxicillin, cefuroxime axetil, and azithromycin.
If the patients have early disseminated or late infection they better be treated with ceftriaxone for the first option since in this stage the patient could get symptomatic cardiac disease, refractory Lyme arthritis, or neurologic symptoms like meningitis or encephalitis. But for the alternatives you could also use doxycycline and cefotaxime.

So if you want to prevent from getting this disease you better used a clothes that could cover your body from the ticks bite and don’t let your pet play outside since they could carry the ticks with them.

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