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How to Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a nightmare cancer for ever woman now. This cancer can lead to the death. Breast cancer forms from breast tissue. People who get breast cancer at the beginning will not realize it because they do not realize the symptoms that happened to them. Usually at the beginning, there will be a lump in the breast, a transform of the shapes of the breast and an unfilled of the breast skin. Moreover, people who get the breast cancer at the beginning level will feel pain at their bones and only can breathe in a short time. There are some women that have high risk in getting breast cancer, some of those factors are obesity, alcoholic, having menstruation at early age, rarely doing physical exercise, and inherited from the parents.

Actually, breast cancer can be prevented and every woman should do it. There some ways to prevent breast cancer. Some of them are, controlling weight, limiting alcohol, keeping active physically, not smoking. Controlling weight means you mustn’t have obesity. You have to maintain your weight normally to prevent breast cancer. You can consume more vegetables and fruits to do it. Besides, avoiding obesity, you also can make yourself healthier. The other thing you can do to prevent breast cancer is limiting of drinking alcohol or if you can, it’s better not drinking alcohol at all. Maybe you will get some enjoyment if you drink alcohol but it will give risk for a long period. Just control yourself not to drink alcohol. Don’t let alcohol make you get breast cancer.

Making yourself active physically also can prevent you to get breast cancer. You can do some simple activities to make you active physically. You can choose to walk rather than using your car or you can spend 20 minutes per day to do aerobic or dancing. If you are so lazy enough, you can just go jogging every morning. This physical activity also will help you to maintain your weight and health. Make yourself to get used to physical exercise every day. Besides doing physical exercise, you mustn’t smoke if you do not want to get breast cancer. Maybe it will be hard for you if you have smoked for a long time, but please be careful, besides some other diseases, breast cancer can happened to you. Don’t harm your health by smoking. Stop smoking if you want to prevent breast cancer.
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