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Healthy Meals Meet Friendly Budget

Who says healthy meals would always be a burden on your wallet? That is not necessarily true. Rather than ordering expensive food from restaurants, it would be better if you cook your own health and budget-friendly food. You can make healthy meals with budget-friendly ingredients. Here are some recipes for healthy meals on a budget from breakfast to dinner.

For cheap and healthy breakfast, you can make many recipes with bread, cereals, oat, fruits, yogurt, nuts, and seeds. For example you can make fruit and nut breakfast bowl to have a healthy porridge oats with chopped fresh oranges, Greek yogurt and a sprinkling of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Would you like some bread and omelet for your morning meal? Try egg and tomato baps by filling whole wheat bread rolls with juicy tomatoes and a portion of herby omelets.

Egg, tortilla seeded, chicken, carrot err, what else do you want for lunch? Don’t worry. These still would be healthy meals on a budget. Use seeded tortillas as pizza bases for a quick and healthy lunch. Crack an egg in the centre and bake to boost the protein intake. Voila, there your egg and rocket pizza. Do you prefer some pan-fry vegetarian? Then you can make spicy avocado wrap with chicken piece, lime, chili, and garlic, then pile onto seeded tortilla wraps.

Finally it’s dinner! Vegetarians or meat-eaters are all welcomed. Well, many people worry about dinner party especially the cost. Whereas dinner is not always that scary, there still a way to make it more friendly to your health and wallet. For the vegetarian, you can have zucchini noodles with leek-tomato sauce, mushroom-stuffed cabbage roll, meat-free mushroom Bolognese, or creamy avocado pasta. While the meat-eater can have roast chicken with potato and butternut squash, Thai prawn fried rice, pork green bean and oyster fry, or chicken almond and red pepper tray bake.

See? Healthy meals on a budget are not a big problem. Make your food at home and eat less outside is the best way to save your money. Besides that, by cooking your own meal, you know the quality of your food, whether it is hygienic or not, it suit your taste, suit your serving portion, and you can improve your cooking skill and share your experience to others. Creating a healthy and cheap meal sure is good to maintain your health and your money. Have a try!

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