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Foods for Stress Soothing Aid

It must be great if people can have the life which is free from stress. Nevertheless, there are many people who cannot be free from the stress in their daily life. In fact, modern people are very close with various kinds of stress source from the workplace to their home. Chronic stress can cause further problem for the mental and physical health. That is why they have to consider about the way for reducing stress. People can find various activities for reducing stress including by travelling for enjoying entertainment. In fact, there are some foods which are useful for helping stress soothing process.

The very first food which is useful for soothing stress aid is the pork tenderloin. People can find high content of thiamin in the most cuts of pork. Thiamin is useful as mood booster but they will not find the benefit from the bacon. The leanest pork cut if pork tenderloin and it becomes the great source for thiamin as well as vitamin B. Thiamin has great function for improving the well-being. It is also useful for improving the friendliness as well as energy. If people do not get enough thiamin, they will be able to find the fatigue as well as bad mood condition. The next food which is useful for helping people soothing their stress level is spirulina. People can find high potassium content in dried spirulina powder and potassium will be great for maintaining the even keel after temporary blood pressure spikes. People can add the dried spirulina powder into various kinds of food and drink from smoothies to soups.

People can also find stress soothing aid effect by adding anchovies into their diet. It is type of seafood which is rich in omega-3 and omega-3 is useful for leading better state of mental. People maybe can find more common omega-3 source such as salmon, but anchovies can always be great alternative source of omega-3 when they are tired of eating salmon. Red grapefruit can also be great food which is useful for helping people soothing their stress since it is rich in vitamin C. If people take foods with high amount vitamin C before they find the stressful situation, they will find the blood level and cortisol level which is lower compared to people who do not consume high amount vitamin C. in fact, red grapefruit is not only rich in vitamin C but it is also great source of lycopene and has sweeter taste than the pink one.
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