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Carbs vs Fats. Which one is the bad guy?

Carbs vs Fats. Which one is the bad guy?

The terms low-carb and low-fat have been extremely common in the world of health and nutrition. Most of you put a label on carbohydrates and fats as the bad guy who won’t let you shed those stubbord pounds. Well, is it really true? Which of them are actually better to consume? Or at least, make it easier for you to lose weight.

Bad vs good

When you have been avoiding carbohydrates and fats like they are some kind of poisonous insects, there are actually good and bad fats and carbs. According to research, lipids are divided into saturated and unsaturated fat, which you should be able to differentiate. Unsaturated is the word to remember as it is of those that you should consume more. You can get unsaturated fats from fish, nuts, avocado and olive oil. However, it is also necessary to consume saturated fats from cheese, meat and butter, although in a smaller portion. Another term to remember is trans fat – this should be avoided possibly at all cost if you are looking to lose that muffin top. Trans fat are found in processed and packaged food like sweets, chips, microwavable dishes and fried foods. Here comes the importance of spendinf time to read and understand food labels.

Next is carbohydrates, you should know how to distingusih between simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs came from consuming white bread and sugar whereas complex carbs from brown rice, quinoa and other unrefined carbohydrates. It is highly encouraged to always choose complex over simple carbs as they have better effects on your health such as preventing cholestrol and heart diseases. Hence it should be known that eating carbs is absolutely fine as long as you keep it ‘complex’. Now, you must be wondering, which path is it? Low-fat or low-carb?

So, the big question: low-fat or low-carbs?

Research has shown that it is better to consume fats (unsaturated ones preferably) that having a high intake of carbohydrates. It is also concluded that having a diet higher in unsaturated fat from olive oils and beans will reduce the risk of heart diseases. Thus, we can say that (unsaturated) fats are better than carbohyrates especially simple carbs. However, if you are the type who could not bother with these, as long as you keep away from fast and processed foods while sticking to fruits, veggies and other healthier alternatives, plus exercising regularly, those pounds will come right off, just trust the process.

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