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Bed Bug: Invisible Yet Disturbing

Who never heard of bed bugs? Yes most people might have heard bed bug yet never see it. Based on their name, the bed bug is a micro bug that lives under our bed or couch or even our carpet. It usually eat our dead skin that comes apart when we scratch our skin when we sleep or even when we are watching TV. As a micro insect you can't see it with your own eyes you need a microscope for it. They usually bite at night. But even they are small they could caused diseases. They could bite you even when you're not notice it but you'll feel the effects. That’s what I want to discuss this time and the bed bug bites treatment.

The Disease Caused by Bed Bug
Clinically bed bugs don't cause any diseases because they are usually a nuisance. But their bites, which usually by injecting a fluids to your blood, can caused an itch on your skin and it is irritating. The bite can result a small red marks to a large red areas with swelling around. Sometimes the bites could be infected too. And beside all of that the bed bug bite could interrupted your good night sleep which is bad for your health. Some says the bed bug could inhale to your respiratory track and cause asthma.

The Increase of Bed Bugs
Nowadays bedbugs seem to become more common. Well the question is why? If we see through the travel agent eyes it is good to have an increase number of tourist travelling to the country but it also contributed in increasing the number of bedbugs. And the bed bugs have been resistance to the pesticide used in the past. You don't have to see through microscope to see the increase of bed bugs number. If you are seeing spot of blood on bedding and sweet almond smell enough to indicate that there are so many bed bugs in your house.

The Treatment
The bed bug bites treatment is simple. Even without treatment the bites usually heal by itself. But if it become bothersome for you try to take antihistamine which you can bought from the chemist. Sometimes doctor would recommend you to put a hydrocortisone cream on the bite spot. It is better if you keep sanitation on your clothes or bedding and wash it regularly using a hot water. So that a brief explanation to an invincible insect. I hope you had clear information about the bed bug and the bed bug bites treatment on this article.
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