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A Painful Strep Throat and How to Treat It

Have you ever had a strep throat disease? Well this time I want to discuss about it. The "strep" word on strep disease is a shortened form of streptococcal bacteria which was the cause of this disease. It infects your throat and makes it feel sore and scratchy. This disease is common between the ages if 4-15 years old but doesn’t mean it could not infect people in all ages too. If your kids have the symptoms you better get a medical treatment for strep throat for them as soon as possible because if you ignore it, it could sometimes cause a kidney inflammation or even rheumatic fever that can damage the heart valves.

The Causes and the Symptoms
The cause of this disease just like the name is a bacterium called streptococcal. This group A streptococcal (Streptococcal pharyngitis and streptococcal tonsilitis) affect the pharynx including the tonsil and sometime even the larynx. As for your information it’s all part of your throat in Latin language.

The common symptoms, which are important for you to notice, are the fever above 38°C, pus on the tonsil, definitely a sore throat, and enlarged lymph nodes. That was the common symptoms but there are also another symptoms that you need to pay attention which are the headache, nausea and vomiting, the muscle pain and the abdominal pain and sometimes the palatal petechiae ( bleeds under the skin like malaria symptoms).

Treatment for Strep Throat
The treatment for strep throat usually based on the symptoms. Usually the doctor will give antibiotics to reduce the risk of complication such as rheumatic fever. The antibiotics used for the treatment for strep throat usually Penicillin V which is cheap. It is better to take a contagious patient as soon as possible to get a treatment since that would avoid the higher risk.

Since this is a contagious infection you need to close any contact with the infectious people. But if you have it more than three times a year you must take tonsillectomy as a reasonable preventive. So for conclusion, the strep throat is a contagious disease caused by the bacteria which can be treated by antibiotics. Though you must not ignore the symptoms and get a medical treatment for strep throat as soon as possible to avoid the higher risk. So I hope this article help you and give enough explanation about strep throat.
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